Rev. Peter Rombeek

Rev. Peter Rombeek

The Rev. Peter Rombeek (B.Mus., B.Ed., M.Div.) is the minister (teaching elder) of Kensington Presbyterian Church. Before coming here he was a teacher in schools and a youth minister in churches.

Peter is passionate about how our faith interacts with the way we live – individually and as a congregation. God loves us… so now what? If you have any ideas, please let him know.

Peter’s other interests include playing music, the outside, and spending time with his wife and boys.

Peter can be reached through the church office or
Peter [at]


Antoinette Lynch-Joseph, Director of Family MinistriesA

Antoinette is nurturing volunteers in our Sunday school, and developing programs to reach out into our community – especially a ‘Messy Church’ style that appeals to different ages and interests. She is also bringing in her passion for movies.

Antoinette [at]


Kris Epps, Music Director Kris 1a

Kris brings energy and diversity to our worship services.
He also leads the Catiamo Choir and teaches piano.

Kris [at]



Sandra Holder

Ms. Sandra Holder, Church Administrator

Sandra’s Coordinates:
           Phone: 514 486-4559
           Email:  info [@]




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