COVID-19 coronavirus disease

Summary: In the spirit of the guidelines provided by the Quebec government, the Kensington Presbyterian Church building is currently closed. As the situation develops, we will be in contact with the different groups using our building to keep them up to date with our plans for reopening. Mini-Worships for your use will be posted weekly.

Monday March 16, 2020

Dear Friends,

As you know, COVID-19 has come to Montréal. Here at Kensington we are responding in several ways. We are praying for those who are ill, here and around the world, for their close friends and families. We pray as well for health and frontline workers, and for communities and businesses that have been affected by the virus and its spread. We pray for governments and those involved in making public health decisions. We pray for those who are struggling with the financial challenges.

One thing that is ‘infecting’ many people is uncertainty and fear. These feelings can lead to loneliness. We encourage you to stay in touch as practices of self-isolation and quarantine affect all of us in the coming weeks. Please reach out to me, your elder, and your friends at church through the phone, social media, and/or email. Even as you might be staying at home, we are with you in prayer and always ready for a conversation or to respond to a note. Read More


SIDE copyWelcome to Kensington Presbyterian Church!

 We are a Christian community worshipping in the heart of NDG — since 1896! The community of NDG has changed a great deal since then, and so have we.

Our worship is open and joyful, both contemporary and traditional.  In mission we support the Depot (local focus) and the replanting of olive trees with the YM/YWCA of East Jerusalem (international focus). The kids of Kensington are important to our community, since they have their own vitality and gifts to brings to the church.

You are welcome!

Sunday Worship at 10:30 a.m.

Spring Concert @ Kensington Church

Saturday, May 23 at 2 p.m.

A program of music: choral, instrumental & dance!
With donations accepted for Head and Hands – a program of medical, social and legal services for youth.

Growing Hope

Our senior Sunday school class has invited us to support the planting of Olive trees this year.

The olive tree is pretty amazing: growing in poor soil, producing precious fruit, living for over a thousand years, and being a symbol for peace. Sadly, hundreds of thousands of olive trees have been destroyed in this area since 2001 – depriving the farmers of their income and traditional way of life. This project will help right an injustice. The Presbyterian Church in Canada is partnering with the YM/YWCA of East Jerusalem, and their goal is to plant 8 000 trees a year, at $30 a tree.


Kensington in The Presbyterian Record

This article appeared in the May 2014 issue of The Presbyterian Record – written by Roland De Vries about changes at Kensington Church over the past number of years. (To the right is the front cover of The Presbyterian Record from June 1964 – 50 years ago.)


Change has been in the air at Kensington, Montreal, over the past six years as the congregation has adopted global and contemporary songs in Sunday worship. While we still sing many traditional hymns, there are new melodies, harmonies and rhythms rising into the air from sounding board, vocal cords and even the djembe.

Presbyterian Record cover June 1964Change has also been in the walls and in the ground and in the pews and in the programs and in the financial outlook. So here’s just a sampling of changes made in our congregation’s life over these past years, beyond the embrace of new musical expressions. Changes made in a spirit, I would say, of faithful common sense. Read More