We are a Christian Community seeking to be a haven of hope, hospitality, and healing for this neighbourhood and the world beyond. We are a congregation with a memorable and storied past, called to be the faithful servants of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century. We are choosing life instead of death.

We recognize Christ’s call to become a haven of hope, hospitality, and healing in a city that is diverse in culture, language, race, faith, physical ability, and lifestyle. We believe that God is challenging us to be supportively engaged in this milieu. To it we bring the Christian story, a story of God who invites us to work as partners in the healing of the world.

We hope for a transformed world in which justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream. ‘From our past will come our future; what it holds a mystery, unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.’

Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception of friends, strangers, and ideas. Hospitality is often about creating a space, a safe space, in which others can share their gifts. Jesus, at table with all sorts and conditions of the human race, is our model of hospitality.

Healing, both for those close at hand and those estranged, is the ministry of Jesus. We seek to share in the healing of the planet, to share its resources, and conserve it for future generations. We seek to work as partners with our neighbours to build communal health. We seek to live out the love of Jesus in the prayer for, and care of, our sisters in brothers in the congregation.

The vision of hope, hospitality, and healing will be the vision that shapes our life together and informs how we will worship, provide pastoral care, offer Christian formation and engage in mission and outreach.


We are driven by values that we hold to be at our core.

We are a Christian congregation within the Presbyterian Church in Canada. ‘We have been made for joy; joy in knowing, loving and serving God, joy in knowing, loving and serving one another, joy in the wonder of all God’s works.’ -A Catechism for Today, Question 1.

The planet is the creation of God and its stewardship is in the hands of the human population, therefore our life together will respect both the earth and its people. We strive to diminish our dependence upon fossil fuels, our use of water, and our production of garbage – we will reduce our “footprint”. Our building and the policies for its use must respect the environment.

We live in both a neighbourhood and a global village. We strive to have a world-encompassing dimension to our ministry, and in the future may provide space within our building for an agency that works globally, thus helping us to maintain our focus.

Music is the language that takes us beyond words, toward mystery. It speaks of our life with God. We have this gift and will incorporate it into all  our mission and life in order to build bridges, to celebrate our partnerships and to plant seeds of hope, hospitality and healing in our relationships.

All that we do together must be built on a sustainable foundation. Our resources are our own offering and the contributions of those who use our programmes and facilities.


There are four activities to which we are committed, works of our identity and our calling. They describe who we are by saying what we do together.

Worship: Central to worship is the praise of God and the listening for God’s word. Worship is our heartbeat. In order to practice hospitality, our worship will speak to the needs of our community, diverse in culture, language and age.

Pastoral Care:  We want to be a healing community where people are cared for in such a way that they experience the transforming love of Christ. We will use the structures of our denomination—the elders—as the starting point. We intend further to develop our pastoral care team by training lay people who exhibit gifts in caring for one another.

Christian Formation: As Presbyterians we take Christian formation seriously. We will pursue this task with creativity using material that is engaging and consistent with both our doctrine and our vision for building up a community shaped by hope, hospitality, and healing. We will do it through leadership training and recruitment; we will be vigilant in obtaining resources that are contemporary, proven and effective.

Mission and Outreach: We will continue in dialogue with our community, at home and abroad.  Our vision of hope, hospitality, and healing will shape the dialogue. We will form partnerships with organizations that share all, or significant parts, of our vision, discerning where our visions are similar, respecting the integrity of  others, and inviting the respect of all our partners for the places into which God has called us to be co-workers.


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