Vibrant worship in a warm and

welcoming environment.

— 10:30 a.m. —

What to expect on Sunday Morning: Our worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. and is about 1 hour, or slightly more in length. The service follows the same pattern each week. Except on the first Sunday of each month when we celebrate Lord’s Supper (otherwise known as Communion, or the Eucharist). On those Sundays, our worship space is arranged around the communion table as we remember and celebrate the loving friendship and sacrifice of Jesus, whose life and way is at the centre of our worship.

Our service begins each week with a time of announcements and an opportunity to greet one another with the Peace of Christ. Low key and friendly.

After this informal start, the service follows the printed order of service, with readings from the bible, hymns, special music by the choir, a sermon and prayers. More contemporary songs or world music pieces are projected on the screen. Sermons might include multi-media elements, and sometimes the kids of the church take part in helping lead worship.

We hope the service is meditative and joyful and welcoming. If you’re unfamiliar with worship, the pattern becomes quite familiar after a short time. A typical order of service can be seen by clicking the image below…

Following the worship service there is a time of coffee and refreshments, to say hi and meet others who are part of the Kensington community.


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