Happy Anniversary

Easter Letter

Anniversaries are times when we remember where we’ve come from, how that’s shaped us, and how it is guiding us into the future. Our big anniversary is coming. It’s bigger than a Kensington birthday. This is the anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus – Easter.

At Easter we remember how Jesus came to show us God’s love, hope & healing. Jesus crossed all sorts of barriers to follow God’s plan and carry out his mission. While that sounds nice, it led to his suffering and death. He knew this would happen, and he still worked to make everything better. In the end, he showed that nothing can stop God – not even death. Jesus came back and formed a community to continue the work.

The gift Jesus showed continues to grow in communities – like the one here at Kensington. Those who made up Kensington before us grew in faith and shared the fruits they were given. They not only helped their community, but also the generations that followed them. They were shaped by God, and helped shape us. They were provided for by God, and they helped provide for us. This all helps us to continue to nurture people’s faith in God’s ongoing love & hope for the future.

To that end, we share the legacy we’ve been given. We build faith by gathering for worship, Bible study, and by sharing our building with the Korean Presbyterian Church. Through our resources and the Presbytery, we can now meet both in person and online. We build Christian community and religious faith through opportunities like pastoral care, the choir, Jesus & Java, Family Fridays Food & Films, and special events like the Pancake Dinner. We also share God’s love, hope & healing through our building, opening our doors to groups like NA, AA, Overeaters, New Hope, and 50+.

We look forward to helping continue God’s gifts into the future. An important part of this is your regular donations. With inflation affecting us all, we understand that this is a sacrifice. But as you can see above, your donations help many people. We greatly appreciate what you give on a regular basis.

We’ve also prepared a flyer that outlines various ways of planned giving. This includes regular giving, but also numerous ways to support ministry through Kensington by larger donations. These ways not only have tax advantages, but the even bigger advantage of building faith into the future, and helping God’s love, hope & healing to continue to be shared. We ask that you prayerfully consider these opportunities.

As for the Easter Appeal, Session would like to make our facilities more healthy and environmentally friendly. Part of this will be to hire a specialized building engineer for three to five thousand dollars. Your special Easter donations will help support Kensington’s mission of sharing love, hope & healing with the future.

Happy Easter
Rev. Peter Rombeek

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