COVID update

update: Dec 21, 2021


  • The building will be open for the Blue Christmas & Christmas Eve, 
  • and then closed for a while
  • Our online presence will continue. 
  • Please let us know if we can be of any help
    or if you just want to talk. 


This has certainly been a year of being buffeted around. I’m reminded of rapids on a river that are constantly changing your direction. Sometimes you get stuck in an eddy, bounced off a rock, or soar over it all. This week of unannounced announcements from the government about the seriousness of the coronavirus feels like we’ve been swept from seeing blue skies ahead back into the rapids. 

Session has been talking and we have decided that with the precautions we are taking, included the new addition of vaccines passports, people are welcome to come in person to the Blue Christmas service, and Firday’s Christmas Eve service. 
That said, we point out that worshipping from home is more physically safe. 

If you are finding this hard, please reach out to us or somebody else. 
You may also find the Blue Christmas service meaningful. 

If you’re missing the idea of caroling, we’ve attached a sheet for poetring. The idea is that you can share poems, maybe over the phone. 

Starting after Christmas (including Sunday, Dec 26) we are going to switch to online only. If you need the Zoom details, please write to Rev. Peter  
Peter [at] kensington [dot] ca

Other ways to connect include
or a text version

All of this is, of course, subject to change. 

What is not subject to change is
– worship will continue to be offered in Zoom, YouTube & a print version
– that if you need to talk, please contact Rev. Peter or your elder
– that God is with us through all of this
  We are not alone in this river. 

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