Christmas Letter

Merry Advent,

As I write this we don’t have any snow and I’m looking forward to it. I don’t know about you, but that is one of my Christmas memories. It really helps to create the holiday feeling for me. There are many other Christmas experiences are also missing. I love going carolling (even when it was 20 last year), but singing door-to-door would not be spreading good wishes this year. I also love gathering with family… while we’re considering two weeks of strict isolation to have a visit, I’m doubtful it’ll happen. At least we still have …

a decorated tree and a nativity set.

Thinking of the nativity, with all those people gathered ‘round, I imagine a nice warm scene. I’m sure the stable would have been built to keep out the wind and rain. The animals and people would have all shared their warmth. When people see a baby now they forget the rest of the world, and I suspect it was the same then. Outside the door there was political troubles that would lead to ‘the Massacre of the Innocents’ when Herod would try to kill all the male babies in the area to stop the new king (Jesus). But when I think of the nativity I think of a warm gathering.

One of the big teachings out of Christmas is togetherness. Jesus is about God being with us. For a short while it was physical – and we will be together again. The brokenness of the world may separate us for a while, but that isn’t the way things will stay. It’s not the way of God. We will be together again with Jesus, with our families, and with each other.

Until then, we have to do things a different way. You’ll have noticed this letter contains several things.

  • An Angel. The idea with this is that you can write something(s) you are thankful for and send it back to the church. I’ll use them in writing our Christmas Eve prayer, and add them to our Christmas tree.
  • To help us remember who we are I’ve included photos of some people from the church. I apologize if you didn’t hear about this to send in a photo, but hope you will enjoy seeing some familiar faces.
  • There’s poetring sheets. While carolling would not be a friendly thing to do this year, you could consider sharing some Christmas poetry (with masks and at a 2 meter distance). This collection was compiled by Anne Blott.
  • The Christmas Appeal envelope. This season we are collecting money for necessary improvements to our own church. We need to improve air quality through modernizing the ventilation system to help us return safely. As well, we must upgrade our technical system for better sound production and for broadcasting the worship service. Thank you for your generous contributions.

As we wait for Christmas, remember the good things from the past and know that great things are coming – and we can join with the angels is singing, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace, goodwill among the people.” (Luke 2: 14)

God bless &
Merry Christmas

Rev. Peter Rombeek

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